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I'm Nadine

Award-winning designer, founder of We Are Visual, awesome wife and proud mamma to two fur babies named Healy and Lola.

But my title around these parts is "Chief Brand Stylist". And my goal is to help you stand out from the crowd, sell your products and services more confidently and design visuals that make you feel proud and excited to launch your brand.

Most importantly, I'm here to help you save time, avoid frustration and skip the overwhelm of launching your brand. 


Whether you’ve done it before or this is your first time, you know that launching a new brand or business is a challenging, time-consuming endeavor with lots of moving parts. 


I created the Digital Brand Kit to help you put the "FUN" back in your "FUNnel" and take the guesswork and the time-suck out of your launch!

Wanna learn more about me?

My Story

My journey with PowerPoint (and design) began 10 years ago while I was still in business school.


One fateful night, while burning the midnight oil at the library, I accidentally googled my way to a site called Slideshare and stumbled upon the most beautiful and colorful PowerPoint presentation I’d ever seen.


I don’t know if it was the bold pink and yellow colors that drew my eyes to it or the provocative title of the presentation: “You Suck at PowerPoint”. The author of the presentation, Jesse DesJardins, was essentially inviting us to make our PowerPoint presentations more fun, more original and less boring.


A few days later, as I was preparing a presentation for my marketing class, I decided to take Jesse up on that invitation. So I designed the most beautiful presentation I'd ever made. An impressed professor, 20 jealous classmates and an A+ later, I realized that Jesse was onto something with this PowerPoint thing. 


After I graduated, I took my PowerPoint skills to corporate america with me. That’s where I realized that this "silly" little skill I’d developed in college was painfully lacking and desperately needed in the corporate world.


Everybody uses PowerPoint. Very few people know how to use it right.

That was the light bulb moment for me.

During my short stint in corporate America, I re-imagined a company’s entire arsenal of templates, client proposals, pitches and sales materials. I developed a PowerPoint training program for employees and taught them one-on-one how to use the tool better.


In a few short months, I'd become the "resident PowerPoint expert". 


And then I started thinking bigger: there are a lot more people out there that I can help.


So I made the jump and left my cushy marketing manager job with nothing but a laptop and a dream: to rid the world of bad presentations, one slide at a time.


I founded We Are Visual in August of 2013. A few months later, I designed my first TED talk and got to attend the live event in Miami.


That was a big night for me. Sitting in that sold-out auditorium, seeing my work projected on the giant screen above that infamous TED red carpet. Watching people attempt to be discreet as they pull out their phones to sneak pics of my slides. All the while trying to wipe that big proud smile off my face. I’ll admit it. I cried a little. I was a young (and broke) startup trying to make a name for myself.


This was going to be my big break! I could feel it in my bones.

That night kick-started my journey from "just a dreamer" to award-winning, in-demand presentation expert.
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And I’m grateful to be able to say that since then I’ve designed dozens of TED Talks, some of which have gone viral!


Including neuroscientist Amishi Jha's TED talk which has been seen over 4 million times, fitness world champion Lori Harder's TED talk which has over 800K views and international bestselling author Sarah Knight’s viral TED talk which has over 7 million views on YouTube.


For the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of working with a lot of smart, talented and impressive people.

From international bestselling authors and Hall of Fame speakers to executives at companies like Disney, General Electric, Liberty Mutual, Wells Fargo, SeaWorld and Rockwell Automation.

  • I’ve written and designed presentations for professional speakers, management consultants, authors, coaches, brain scientists and Ivy League professors.


  • I’ve helped engineers simplify mind-numbingly complex and technical presentations.

  • I’ve worked with nonprofits to help them tell their stories and raise funds for their causes.

  • I’ve helped startup founders shape and design pitches that won them millions of dollars in funding and opportunities.

  • And I’ve designed keynote decks for CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

I was even recognized by the United Nations as Top 100 Entrepreneur Under 35.
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And to think that all of this happened because one night, by sheer boredom (or divine intervention), I decided to take the advice of a complete stranger on the internet and invest into better design. And now I'm asking you to do the same.

Here's the deal: I know firsthand what great design can do for your business. It's changed my life and I've seen it change the lives and businesses of my clients for the past seven years.

Now I'm on a mission to help business owners like you bridge the design gap and create consistent and compelling brands that help you convert strangers into friends and friends into raving customers.
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